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I & C systems are the brain and nervous system of a Process Plant. A distributed

control system is like a pyramid structure where at the bottom level are the sensors

which transform physical data into electrical signals and the final control elements

influencing the physical process. In the middle level are the programmable controllers

where the logical algorithms are run, this level interfaces with the Operator Control

and Monitoring stations located at the Top.


Process Industries rely on I&C systems for protection, control, supervision and

monitoring. I & C systems allow process plant operators in a control center to run the

plant via simple mouse clicks and maintain an overview of all the processes on a series

of displays.

The increased functionality of the I&C systems opens up with new possibilities to

better support the operation and maintenance activities in the plant.


Teleperm XP (TXP)

TXP System is a proven universal control system that has been deployed in power plants since 1994.


Teleperm 2000 (T2000)

SPPA-T2000 is world’s leading control system, which has been installed in numerous different power plants of every type and capacity. 


SPPA 3000 (T3000)

The SPPA-T3000 system is a modern, Java-based design with system software running on a Redundant Application Server. 



SIMATIC PCS 7 with the functional variety, flexibility and performance has the potential for implementing innovative solutions that meet the special challenges of the process industry.


Simatic TDC

SIMATIC TDC (Technology and Drives Control) is a digital automation system featuring very high computing power and the ability to process very large programs, which is particularly used in large plants for process, energy and drive engineering. 

We believe in building strong foundations, continuous know-how development is instilled in our roots…

I & C Concepts are developed through experience building the framework for our longterm strategy...

Our proficiency in Engineering Tools is fundamental for achieving quality par excellence..

Experience in upgrading diverse legacy I & C systems has made Modernisation our core competence...

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