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With its unified data platform the integrated software solution COMOS provides plant design engineers, plant operating personnel, company management, and solution partners with a continuous flow of data that meet their specific needs across all project phases.


One requirement for effective plant management is optimum networking and coordination of all disciplines and departments involved in the engineering and operation of a plant. The software solution COMOS is the basis for the cooperation of worldwide collaboration across the entire lifecycle of a plant.


The integrated COMOS software concept is based on object orientation. Components are described holistically and displayed graphically in their true-to-life representation. The graphical and data-related description, which includes all data associated with the component, forms a single unit within the database – the object. Related data sheets, lists, and other documents are linked to the corresponding objects.

The complete plant information is stored in a central database. As a result, COMOS allows all disciplines and departments involved in the engineering and operating phases to always access the same data for a given object.


Objects can be processed in COMOS bidirectional on data sheets as well as in technical drawings.  This means that changes to objects or documents are always available to every user worldwide, whatever the time zone, and that they are up-to-date and consistent. The entire plant, right down to the individual components, can be examined and further developed from a functional and interdisciplinary perspective.


The open system architecture of COMOS can be adapted to exactly meet company-specific requirements, allows links to third-party systems and can be integrated into existing EDP (Electronic Data Processing) landscapes.

COMOS offers a seamless flow of information by providing a common database. Because all data is always available and up-to-date, it depicts the actual as-built status of a plant at all times. In this way, COMOS lays the foundation for greater reliability in decision-making and more efficient processes throughout the entire plant – for a lasting improvement in competitiveness.

The COMOS portfolio is built as a modular structure. That means: All software solutions are integrated with each other and cover all lifecycle phases – from process design to basic and detail engineering to operation and modernization. They can be individually implemented, as required, or employed as stand-alone solutions.

COMOS is based on a uniform database which provides all information in an object-oriented manner. The open software architecture facilitates optimum integration of thirdparty systems and allows the seamless integration into existing EDP landscapes.

COMOS Walkinside Immersive Training Simulator (ITS):  fully immerses operators in their plants. It simulates real-life scenarios and supports multiple avatars to test team performance and communication. 

To further increase the training realism, the 3D model may be enriched with all details of the existing plant. The 3D objects are procedurally added to the virtual reality model to flag evacuation routes, emergency and firefighting equipment signs, etc. Escape paths are represented in their full length for rehearsal of evacuation procedures. Sound effects complete the realistic setting.


During the walkthrough, operators can directly see an up-to-date results list of all the content related to the equipment – data sheets, specifications, procedures, certification and test reports – by clicking on a piece of equipment in the 3D model. 

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