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At Sikraft, it's our job to ensure the optimum performance of the control system during commissioning. We interact daily with the End-client to decide the plant startup schedules and conduct Root-Cause-Analysis of non-conformities encountered during the commissioning phase.


Our comprehensive strategy has always helped our customers & their customers to achieve cost control, schedule adherence, regulatory, safety & environmental compliance and operational performance.



  • Defining Commissioning schedule with Client

  • Preparation of Permit to work (Authorization)

  • Designing of the Room Layouts

  ♦   Loop Checks

  ♦   Cold Function Checks

  ♦   Hot Function Checks

  ♦   LAN component Checks

  ♦   System Startup

  • Megger Testing

  ♦   Over Current Protection

  ♦   Distance Protection

  ♦   Differential Protection

  • Capacitance Testing

  • Powering Up DCS

  • Loop Check

  • Cold Fuction test

  • Hot Function test

  • Plant Startup Support

  • Optimization of Process Logics

  • Trail Run Support

System Set-up & Administration (Electronic Room)

Electronic Room
  • Protection Relay Configuration & Testing

  • Setting up of the DCS Network

  • Configuration for the LAN Components

  • Connection of LAN cables

  • Profibus (L2) Bus connection

  • Mounting of IO Modules in DCS Cabinets

  • Start-up of Application Server

  • Generating and loading of Software and Hardware codes

  • Configuration of Thin clients, Printers, Routers

  • Configuration of the Time Server

  • Configurations of special components like the OPC server, Communication modules etc.

  • Language Settings demanded by the client

  • Loading licenses on Application Server

  • Manual Scheduling function

  • Versioning of Software

  • Multi-Unit Configuration

  • 3rd party interface configuration

Control Room

Installation & Erection Supervision (Control Room)

  • Configuration of Operator thin clients, Line Printers, etc.

  • Setting up of the Application Highway

  • Connection of LAN cables

  • Power up of all I&C & LAN cabinet

Field Device Commissioning

Field Device Commissioning

  • Transmitters

  • Actuators

  • Control Valve

  • I to P Convertors

  • HART Devices

  • Flame Scanners

  • LV Switchgears

  • MV Switchgears

  • Electrical Protection Relays

  • AC / DC Drives


Commissioning Documentation

  • Checklists and Protocols related to System Start-up

  • Loop Checks Procedures and Protocols

  • Fucntion Tests Procedures and Protocols

  • Load Ramp Tests Protocols

  • Fucntion Area Handover Documentation

Field Device Documentation

Field Device Documentation

  • Documents consisting of Data Sheets, Manuals, Hook-up diagrams of the various Field devices

As Built Documentation

As Built Documentation

  • Up to date documentation for all the Electrical Hook-ups, Cabinet documentation, etc. that is submitted to the End Client before the project provisional acceptance.

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