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- Will Rogers, Humourist

Even if you're on right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.

Sikraft has adapted its businesses to a coherent structure, by forming Verticals thereby allowing us to cater to the needs of our customers within the Power & Industry Sectors, efficiently. This approach has enabled us to specialize in I & C automation services and really excel at it. 


Sikraft started its journey with Power Generation and Industry sector as its core business and has progressively entered into the power transmission sector. In the last 50 years, power generation has been dominated by fossil fuel, but in recent years we have seen emergence of Nuclear power as a viable and secure alternative energy source for all world economies. Keeping in step with these events, Sikraft has established itself in Nuclear power.


Training is one of the most important verticals of Sikraft and over the years it has been the technical backbone for our various business sectors.

Power Generation

Explore how Power generation forms the Core vertical in Sikraft...

Nuclear Power

See how Sikraft is contributing towards the world's Energy security via Nuclear Power...


Discover the role what Sikraft plays in Power Transmission...


Take a look at how Sikraft is answering to the demands of Industry sector…


Learn how Training has supported the growth of other verticals in Sikraft...

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