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From site survey to trial run of a plant, I & C engineering plays an important role and needs to be tackled responsibly. Sikraft with its deep experience in I & C engineering services, treats every project as a "pilot project" & seeks improvement in terms of time & quality management.


Sikraft has always aimed towards intelligent planning for achieving key milestones with the customer oriented delivery schedules. By offering comprehensive concepts at the beginning of the project, we cut out the risk of surprises at later stages of the project, thereby positively impacting profitability.

Basic Engineering

Basic Engineering

  • Planning of Basic Engineering & Delivery Schedules

  • Concept Documentation

  ♦   Network Function Specification

  ♦   HMI Function Specification

  ♦   Automation Function Specification

  ♦   I&C Configuration & Topology diagrams

  ♦   Signal processing & redundancy concepts

  ♦   Cabinet Structures & Power supply concepts

  • Designing of the Room Layouts

  ♦   Electronic Room

  ♦   Engineering Room

  ♦   Control Room

  • Designing of the Field Panels

  ♦   Local Operation Panels

  ♦   Junction Boxes

  ♦   Local I/O Cabinets

  • Hardware Concept: Project specific Hardware Standards

  ♦   Cable Scheduling concept

  ♦   Channel assignment concept

  ♦   Marshaling concept

  ♦   HW wiring typical design

  ♦   HW wiring typical design for Failsafe Systems

  ♦   HW wiring typical design for Turbine Control/ Protection

  ♦   Concept of Protection Matrix Designing (e.g. Main Fuel Trip)

  ♦   Local Panel Interface List

  • Software Concept: Project specific Software Standards

  ♦   Signal standards

  ♦   General rules for Function Plan

  ♦   Project Structure definition

  ♦   Function Area Open loop Overview diagrams

  ♦   Function Area Closed loop Logic Overview diagrams

  ♦   Function Area Flow Diagrams

  ♦   P&I Red-lining

  • HMI Concept: Project specific HMI Standards

  ♦   HMI Philosophy

  ♦   Plant Display resolution

  ♦   Standard Pictogram definitions

  ♦   HMI colors and symbols

  ♦   Alarms & Visualization

  • Basic Engineering for DCS Cabinets

  ♦   I/O Cabinets

  ♦   Server & LAN Cabinets

  ♦   Automation Cabinets

  ♦   Special Measurement Cabinets (Turbine)

  ♦   Marshaling Cabinets

  ♦   Failsafe Cabinets (BMS/BPS)

  ♦   Relay Cabinets

  ♦   Signal Conditioning Cabinet

  ♦   Power Distribution Cabinet

  • Master I/O Database

  ♦   Creation of Engineering Database

  ♦   Analysis & modifications in IO Database

  ♦   Comparing P&IDs, Logic diagrams, wiring diagrams etc. with I/O Database

  ♦   Functional Areas distribution

  ♦   Updating Columns with Tag number & Typical names of Wiring drawing, Electric Schematic, Logic drawing, Marshaling Cabinet, Relay                          Cabinet, etc.

Detail Engineering

Detail Engineering

Hardware Engineering

  • Channel Assignment & performing Spare Calculations

  • Electrical Hookup drawings

  • Cabinet Disposition plan and BOM for Server cabinets

  • Internal wiring documents for Server& LAN cabinets

  • Cabinet Disposition, BOM & Wiring Drawings for;

  ♦   Measurement Cabinets

  ♦   LAN Cabinets

  ♦   I/O Cabinets

  ♦   AP Cabinets

  ♦   Failsafe (BMS/BPS) Cabinets

  ♦   Relay Panels

  ♦   Marshaling Panels

  ♦   Power Distribution Panel

  ♦   Operator desk consisting of Trip Pushbuttons

  • Implementation of Electrical hookups/Wiring diagram for Automation Cabinets

  • Generation of Documents for Cable routing, cable trays, cable types & lengths

  ♦   Cable pulling list (LAN, FO, Electrical)

  ♦   Cable termination Lists

  ♦   Cable re-routing list

  ♦   Deleted Cable list

  • Profibus connection diagram

  • LAN connection diagram(Fiber Optics)

  ♦   Cable pulling list (LAN, FO, Electrical)

  ♦   Cable termination Lists

  ♦   Cable re-routing list

  ♦   Deleted Cable list

Software Engineering

  • Creating Project environment like Engineering Server, Project hierarchy, User rights, etc.

  • Designing Software Typical

  ♦   Analog & Binary Measurements & Calculations

  ♦   Open & Closed Loop Functions

  ♦   Fail Safe & Non Failsafe

  • Implementation of Software Function plans

  ♦   Analog & Binary Measurements & Calculation plans

  ♦   Open & Closed Loop plans

  ♦   Master Function Logics

  ♦   User Specific Macros & Compound Components

  ♦   Fail Safe & Non Failsafe Logic Plans

  • Creation of customer specific Reports

  • Creation of Customer specific Logs

  • Human Machine Interface

  ♦   Process Graphics

  ♦   Customizing with Prototype Editor

  ♦   Diagnostic Graphics

  ♦   Trends/ XY-Curves

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