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Request for Quotation (RFQ) Document is a written depiction of project requirements, technical specifications, schedules, deliverables, which are expected to be fulfilled by the Contractor.

Sikraft is specialized in conducting a detailed analysis of RFQ documents, to check the compliance of all the clauses and requirements so as to propose a competitive techno-commercial solution for the customer.


We at Sikraft conduct an extensive Site survey to have a detailed insight of the site conditions, including availability of documents, discussions with customer, clarifying technical requirements of RFQ and most importantly to develop a cordial client relationship.

Analysis of Tech Specs (RFQ) for OEM Sales Support

Analysis of Tech Specs (RFQ) for OEM Sales Support

  • Studying of all clauses mentioned in the RFQ

  • Comparison of client requirements against OEM System

  • Creation of Deviation List

  • Creation of Concept documents based on RFQ requirements

  • Creation of techno-commercial proposal

Central Control Room Site Survey

Central Control Room Site Survey

  • Operator Desks or Work Station

  • Turbine Control Desk

  • Alarm Panels

  • Electrical Panels

  • Supervisor Desk

  • Operator Monitor Stations and Large Screens

  • Emergency Push Buttons

  • Printers

  • Third Party Communication Equipment

  • AVR/ Auto Synchronizer Panel

  • Burner Management System Panel

  • Master Fuel Trip Concept

  • Spare Provisions

  • List of Critical Signals

  • UPS/ Power Distribution Board

  • Cable Trays & Cable Ways for CCR

Relay Room

Relay Room/Electronic Room Site Survey

  • Boiler Control Cabinets

  • Turbine Control Cabinets

  • BMS/BPS Cabinets

  • Soot-blower Cabinets

  • Alarm Generation Cabinets

  • Relay & Solenoid Cabinets

  • Marshalling Cabinets

  • Signal Conditioning Cabinets (Non-standard signals)

  • Power Distribution & UPS Cabinets

  • Engineering Work Station (Engineering Room Equipment)

  • Cable Trays and Cable Ways for entry to Relay Room

Old Document Collection & Data Verification

Old Document Collection & Data Verification

  • IO List/ Tag Database/ Wiring Database

  • Software files from actual running Unit

  • Software Function Overview Diagrams (Closed Loop & Open loop Logics)

  • System Manuals of the Existing (old) Control System

  • Operations Manuals of the Existing (old) Control System

  • System/ Operations Manuals of the Existing Local Control System

  • Documents for Local Control Panels

  • P & I Diagrams

  • Single Line Diagrams

  • Switchgear Drawings

  • HMI pictures from Existing Plant

  • Hardware wiring diagrams/interconnection diagrams

  • Disposition Plans for Relay & Marshaling Cabinets

  • Plant Layout

  • Layout (Plan view) for Electronic Equipment Room

  • Layout (Plan view) for Existing Control Room

  • Layout (Plan view) for Switchgear rooms

  • Cable routing layouts

  • Layout for the Control Desks

  • Layout for the Electrical Control Panels

  • Layout of all Annunciation Panels

  • Layout of all Power Distribution Cabinets (Power Supply Ratings)

  • Cable Scheduling Lists

  • Creation of Master Document list of all the Documents collected in Site survey

Field Site Survey

Field Site Survey

  • Field devices as per the RFQ

  • Transmitters to be replaced

  • Flame Scanners

  • Control Valve positioner to be replaced or added

  • Field Cable termination

  • Junction Box Locations

  • Cable Routing for new signals

  • Verification of Operation Voltages of field Equipment

  • Local Control Stations

  • Switchgear Survey

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