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With the fossil fuel reserves dwindling and the effect of the greenhouse gases rising, the developing economies of the world need an efficient, reliable, consistent & secure source of energy. Nuclear Power is the answer. With an eye on the future Sikraft decided to enter the Nuclear Power business in 2011. 


Starting with projects like Flammanville 3 and LARA, we have persuaded our clients of our consistency and technical expertise. Later on we acquired more projects like OKG 2 – Plex and Olkiluoto 3 to further our reach in the nuclear sector.

Olkiluoto 3 Nuclear Power Plant - Finland

It is owned by TVO and it is located in Finland. OL3 was the first European Pressurized Reactor supplied by AREVA.

System Integration testing with help of Simulators (SIMIT) for 22 Safety Automation System (SAS) cabinets & 28 Process Automation System (PAS) Cabinets in presence of end client.

Flamanville 3 Nuclear Power Plant - France

It is located in northwest France based on the latest Evolutionary Power Reactor technology owned by EDF.
Engineering and Testing of 117 AP Cabinets, 9 Extension Cabinets and 19 Isolation Cabinets.

Oskarshamn 2 Nuclear Power Plant Life Extension - Sweden

Located in Oskarshamn in Sweden, it is one of the biggest Boiling water reactors in the world.

Engineering and Testing of 26 Automation servers and 7 Communication Servers in Erlangen Germany.

Currently, we are undertaking commissioning activities on-site.

Loviisa Automation Renewal Nuclear Power Plant - Finland

It is owned by Fortum and located in Finland.

Engineering for 8000 IOs’ with 47 I/O Cabinets, 2 Turbine Control & Protection Cabinets, 29 Isolation Cabinets & 45 marshaling cabinets.

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