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Know-how plays an important role in Sikraft to instill expert information & expert skills that impart an ability to achieve desired qualitative results, thus harnessing sustainable growth for the organisation as well as employees.


Our know-how in engineering and commissioning services in the field of Automation and controls has been acquired from successfully completed 240 projects since the year 2001. Today we have around 100 experienced engineers with in-depth Knowledge of DCS & PLC Automation Systems used in the Power Plants and process industries.


Our strong experience and profound system know-how helps us understand client’s technical problems and propose an appropriate cost efficient solution.

Process Know How:

  • Water & Steam Cycle

  • Air & Flue Gas

  • Burner Management System

  • Boiler Protection System

  • Turbine Protection & Auxiliaries

  • Balance of Plant

  • Coal & Ash Handling System

  • Flue Gas Desulphurization

  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System

  • Low Pressure Services

  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators

  • Water Treatment Plant

  • Desalination



Electrical Know How:

  • Electrical Networks & Distribution

  • Diesel Generators

  • UPS & Battery Chargers

  • Transformers Protection

  • Power Quality Metering

  • AC Filter Backup Protection













I & C Concepts are developed through experience building the framework for our longterm strategy...

Our understanding of multiple systems enables us to offer technological options to our Customer…

Our proficiency in Engineering Tools is fundamental for achieving quality par excellence...

Experience in upgrading diverse legacy I & C systems has made Modernisation our core competence...

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