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Sikraft has a strong foot hold in providing intelligent automation solutions for industry domain. The industry domain has wide range of processes from Automobile, Pharma & FMCG, Gas plants & Refineries, Cement and Industrial Turbines.


Industry vertical is a demanding sector due to the variety of process industries and the customization expected from the customer in terms of Automation solutions. Sikraft expertises in selection of appropriate automation products from a wide range of available products to suit the requirement of the specific industry.


Sikraft plays a significant role in the automobile industry which has to cope with a challenging set of market requirements. Our comprehensive offerings in creation of HMI Graphic designs for multiple PLC in specialized tools such as Integra Designer have been instrumental. Sikraft engineers have been specifically trained and certified for the usage of these tools in engineering and commissioning activities.


Sikraft has played a significant role in developing complex Visu Designer graphics for Mercedes-Benz automobile plants located in Rastatt, Bremen and Sindelfingen in Germany & Kecskemet in Hungary.

Pharmaceuticals & FMCG

Sikraft ensures to concentrate on providing technological solutions on the key factors of quality, productivity and sustainability in Pharmaceuticals and FMCG industry.

We have done the detail engineering & Testing of Automation cabinets for big Pharmaceuticals plant like Plant 6 for Jubilant Organosys in Mysore, NPD expansion -Spray Drier unit for Dr.Reddys' LAB in Andhra Pradesh and FMCG companies like Sri Lanka Unilever plant for project Morph.

Electrical Goods Manufacturing units

Sikraft has delivered detail engineering designs for Substation Automation cabinets for project AGIP KCO 5, 6 & 7 in Kazakhstan.


Sikraft has even provided erection, installation & commissioning services for Automation cabinets for an Insulator manufacturing unit of Aditya Birla Insulators in Halol, Gujarat & Electrical Insulation manufacturing unit of Elantas Beck in Ankleshwar, Gujarat.

Gas Plants & Refineries

Sikraft has also played a key role in the commissioning of gas plant in ASAB, UAE wherein the Teleperm XP O&M system interface with the other control systems of Fire & Gas, Emergency Shutdown System, and Data Acquisition system was commissioned.


We were also actively involved in the Engineering and Commissioning of Refinery plants like Project Kerteh -Air separation units, Project

Gebeng -Nitrogen Generation units & Madero Refinery in Mexico.

Industrial Turbines

Industrial Turbines are used at small energy supply companies and independent power generators such as industrial companies, as well as in the oil and gas industry. These industrial turbines use dedicated control systems for the Turbine controls, protection and other auxiliaries required for the turbine operations.


Sikraft has been part of the engineering & commissioning for 14 projects of Industrial Turbines located in Europe & USA. Sikraft has also played a pivotal role in Standardization of the Software and HMI engineering solution using SPPA-T3000 and PCS7 Distributed control systems. 


To name a few of our projects, we have executed Chemnitz, Igelsta in Germany and Long island Industrial Turbine in USA.

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