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After having established Center of Competences in Engineering & Project Management solutions in the field of automation & controls used in complex Power Generation sector, we dreamt of looking beyond the boundaries of a power plant & expand our services towards the Power Transmission Industry.


Starting in April 2012, Sikraft’s Management has set themselves on a mission of establishing “Sikraft in Power Transmission world”.  We were convinced that this mission will open up new horizons of growth for individuals and for the organization. A quest for excellence and an attention towards detailing was of utmost importance, especially so because “Power Transmission “was a completely new field.


In a short span of 3 years Sikraft has gained know-how in two of the efficient power transmission technologies, FACTS- Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System and HVDC-High Voltage DC Transmission.


These Power transmission technologies mentioned have further sub divisions:


FACTS- Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System

  • Static VAR Compensator (SVC) Plus

  • Static VAR Compensator (SVC) Classic

  • Fixed Series Capacitance (FSC)


HVDC- High Voltage DC Transmission System

  •  HVDC Plus

  •  HVDC Classic


Sikraft boasts of successful completion of 31 Contracts related to Detailed Engineering, Testing & Commissioning of various Power Transmission projects belonging to the above mentioned technologies.


HVDC- High Voltage DC Transmission

  • HVDC Hardware Detail Engineering

  • HVDC HMI Engineering

  • HVDC Remote Control Interface

  • HVDC Communication Engineering

  • Testing of HVDC Protection Panels


FACTS - Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System

  • SVC HW Engineering

  • SVC Open Loop Control Engineering

  • SVC Protection engineering.


Here are some of the highlights from the commissioning projects wherein we have provided our services...

Safaniya - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client     : Saudi Electric Company

Capacity : 300 MVAR Inductive and 300 MVAR Capacitive                         

Type      : SVC Classic

Al Kharj - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Client     : National Grid, Saudi Arabia

Capacity : 30 MVAR Inductive and 150 MVAR Capacitive

Type      : SVC Classic

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