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In a plant there are various processes controlled by different systems supplied by multiple vendors; while integrating these factors during project execution, uniformity & accuracy is achieved with timely application of comprehensive I & C Concepts.


We develop I & C Concepts based on client specific requirements & system specifications, which adhere to international norms & engineering standards.


I & C System Documents

  • Overview Network Architecture Drawing

  • Network Functional Specification

  • Standard Automation Equipment’s Operating Manuals

  • Standard Automation Equipment’s Maintenance Manuals

  • Standard Automation Equipment’s Product Datasheets

  • Network & Server Cabinets Internal Layouts

  • Network & Server Cabinets Internal Power Distribution

  • Automation Cabinets Internal Layout

  • Automation Cabinets Internal Power Distribution

  • HMI Concepts (Screen Resolution, Color Standards, Symbols)

  • Software Engineering Concepts

  • Hardware Engineering Concepts

Field Documents

  • Cabling Concept

  • Electrical Hook-Up Templates

  • Junction Box GA & Internal Layout

  • Instrument Hook-Up Drawing

Factory Acceptance Tests Documents

  • FAT Test Procedures

  • FAT Test Reports


Site Acceptance Tests Documents

  • Cold Commissioning Procedure

  • Cold Commissioning Test Reports

  • Hot Commissioning Procedure

  • Hot Commissioning Test Reports

We believe in building strong foundations, continuous know-how development is instilled in our roots…

Our understanding of multiple systems enables us to offer technological options to our Customer…

Our proficiency in Engineering Tools is fundamental for achieving quality par excellence...

Experience in upgrading diverse legacy I & C systems has made Modernisation our core competence...

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