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Sikraft performs rigorous Factory Acceptance Test to ensure that all automation system equipment perform as per requirement, under the full range of foreseeable conditions helping our customer to minimize contractual risks, claims and the possibility of budget overrun.


Most End-clients require a state of the art control system along with advanced levels of automation; Sikraft has the knowhow & experience to develop complex logic algorithms to fulfil these demands and demonstrate to the End-client.

Testing & Validation Procedures

Testing & Validation Procedures

  • Planning of FAT & Milestones

  • Preparation & Validation of FAT procedures

  • Preparation of LAN Component Check List Documents

  • Preparation of System Startup Procedure & Validation Documents

System Setup

System Setup

  • Setting up of the DCS Network

  • Configuration for the LAN Components

  • Connection of LAN cables

  • Profibus (L2) Bus connection

  • Mounting of I/O Modules in DCS Cabinets

  • Start-up of Application Server

  • Generating and loading of Software and Hardware codes

  • Configuration of Thin clients, Printers, Routers

  • Configuration of the Time Server

  • Configurations of special components like the OPC server, Communication modules etc.

  • Language Settings demanded by the client

  • Loading licenses on Application Server

  • Manual Scheduling function

  • Multi-Unit Configuration

  • 3rd party interface configuration

System Testing

System Testing

  • Checking System components

  • Creation of I/O test protocols

  • I/O Tests

  • Creation Software Function test protocol

  • Software simulation and Function tests

  • Testing 3rd Party System Interface

FAT with End-Client & Consultants

FAT with End-Client & Consultants

  • Demonstrating System Components and Features

  • System Performance Test

  • I/O checks for Typicals

  • Software Simulation and Function Tests

Erection & Installation Documentation

Erection & Installation Documentation

  • Documents for Dismantling of Panels

  • Documents for Erection of DCS Cabinets

  • Documents for Cable Routing

  • Documents for Cable Termination

  • Documents for Delta Wiring

Manufacturing Documentation

Manufacturing Documentation

Engineering output documents required by the factory in order to manufacture the System cabinets.

  • Cabinet Layout for all I & C Cabinets

  • Wiring Diagram for Cabinet Internal Wiring

  • Cable Termination List

  • Wiring Diagram for all I/O Signals

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